Earth Leakage Relay-ELRDIN310

Overcurrent Relay-DG204A
DGB1NLE-40 Residual Current Circuit Breaker

ELRDIN310 Earth Leakage Relay

ELRDIN310 is a smart earth leakage relays ensure the protection of electrical installations and persons against direct and indirect contacts. This model provides real-time leakage current display, leakage fault current recording and has a 50% pre-fault contact.
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Numerical earth leakage relay.
Programmable current sensitivity and time delay.
Detection of no connection to ZCT
Relay trip indicator
Rekay alarm indicator
Real-time leakage current display
Leakage fualt current recording
50% pre-fault indicator
Standard DIN rail mounting
Protection against nuisance tripping
ANSN Code:50N,51N

Auxiliary supply:184-267VAC
Rated frequency:50-60Hz
VA Rating:3VA Typical
Record:3 latest tripped test currents "tSt'' for manual test trip
Storage:Non-volatile memory zero-phase current transformer to operate with ZCT series of current transformer
Setting accuracy:-15% to +0%
Timing accuracy:±5%
Remote reset:N.O. dry contact
Temperature: -5℃ to +50℃
Sensitivity:30mA,50mA, 0.10-1.0A(step=50mA),1.0A=10.0A(step=1A)
Time delay adjustment: Instantaneous 0.1-3.0sec, step=0.10sec
Trip contact:Activated if relay tripped or ZCT faulted
Positive safety contact: Activated when ZCT is properply connected to the relay
Pre-fault alarm contact: Activated when leakage current exceed 50% of sensitivity
Humidity: 56days at 90% RH 40℃ non-condensing
Mounting:Panel mounting
Weight:c0.4KG(excluding ZCT)
Output Contacts:
Rated voltage: 250VAC
Contact rating: 5A(NO), 3A(NC)
Expected electrical life: 100000 operations
at rated current
Mechanical life: 5x1000000 operations
50% pre-fault alarm: Red indicator
Time delay: Red indicator
Leakage trip:7-segment display and red indicator
ZCT fault:7-segment display and red indicator
Real time leakage current: 7-segment display

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