40A-3Poles-AC Contactor-DGHC1-40

Miniature Circuit Breaker-DGB1-63


Miniature circuit breakers up to 63A, Icn=6kA,Ics=6kA
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Overload protection

Short circuit protection



Used in residential building, non-residential building,industry, energy and infrastructure.

Technical Specifications

Standards: IEC60898-1

Approvals: CE, CB,SEMKO

Rated current In (A) : 2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63

Rated voltage Un (VAC): 230/400

Operational voltage (VAC): Min. 24 Max. 250/440

Rated frequency (Hz): 50/60

Rated insulation voltage (VAC): 500

Number of poles: 1, 2, 3, 4

Tripping characteristic of miniature circuit breaker DGB1-63

Thermal operating limit (In): 1.13 -1.45

Rated switching capacity Icn (kA): 6

Degree of protection: IP20, with connected conductors

Electrical life (times): 10,000

Mechanical life (times): 20,000

Breaking Capacity:

breaking capacity of miniature circuit breaker
Fire resistance according to UL 94: V0

Mounting position: Any

Conductor cross-sections

Solid and stranded (mm2): 0.75-35

Finely stranded with end sleeve (mm2): 0.75-25

Terminal tightening torque (N •m): 2.8

Ambient temperature (℃):-25 〜+45, max. 95 % humidity

Storage temperature (℃): -40 ~ +75

Altitude (meters): Max 2,000


The handle being sealable or equipped with padlock bracket avoids dangerous operation changes (ON / OFF)

The handle provides a clear indication of the contact position

Adequate printing of all data on the front provides long-term identification

Energy limiting class: 3

The emission of ionized gases is limited to the severest restrictions: 45 mm grid distance

This MCB for household in accordance with: IEC 60898 -1, B, C and D tripping characteristics

This MCB may be extended with:

A wide range of RCDs

Full sets of additional components

Full sets of accessories

Temperature derating:

The maximum permissible current in a circuit breaker depends on the ambient temperature where the circuit breaker is placed. Ambient temperature is the temperature inside the enclosure or switchboard in which the circuit breakers are installed. The reference temperature is 30℃.blob.png

When several simultaneously operating circuit breakers are mounted side by side in a small enclosure,the temperature rise inside the enclosure causes a reduction in current rating. you must then assign the rating (already derated if necessary according to ambient temperature) a downrating factor of 0.8.

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