Compnay Profile

  CHT Electric Co.,Ltd is a China-based supplier of high-performance low voltage electric products since 2002..
Recognized as one of most reputed manufacturers of low voltage electric products,
CHT is always focusing on innovation and new product development, provides high quality OEM service,manufacturing and project solution, delivering superior quality and support to our customers primarily in the infrastructure construction,industry,energy
management,mobile communication,civil and commercial power supply.

CHT is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are dedicated to adhering to our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment in improving the lives of the people we employ and the energy efficiency of our society. We carry out this mission through the work of each and every one of our employees, through our diversity and inclusion initiatives, and by implementing environmentally responsible business practices. We strive to exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery and service as we build long-term relationships based on exceptional customer satisfaction.
Because what we do is to make difference!

Quick facts about CHT:
1.Founded in Liushi in 2002 as CHT
2.Corporate headquarters: Liushi, Wenzhou,
3.More than 20 national patents
5.Certificated as one of famous brand by Zhejiang Province Government.